The City of Victoria Texas Public Works
700 N Main St
Victoria, Texas 77901

(Public Works: City Info, Utilities, Traffic Control, Roads, Environment, Permits, Inspections, Planning) Suite 105: Public Info (361)485-3110; Suite 106: Utilities (361)485-3400, After-Hours Water & Sewer Problems (361)485-3380, Victoria City Utilities Water & Sewer Administration (361)485-3381; Suite 108: Victoria City Street Repair (361) 485-3160; Traffic Sign Maintenance, Traffic Signs Signals, School Flasher Maintenance (361) 485-3250; Suite 109: Code Enforcement, Abandoned Buildings, Litter Debris in Yards or Lots (361)485-3330, (361)485-3326 (fax); Weed Control (361)572-2770, (361)572-6757 (fax); Suite 113: Air Victoria Recycling & Victoria Clean Cities, Environmental Services Director (361) 485-3320, (361)485-3326 (Fax); Suite 115: Victoria City Engineering, Floodplain Maps & Permits (361)485-3340,(361)572-6736 (fax); Traffic Signs (361)485-3340, (361)485-3345 (fax); Suite 122: Driveway Permits, All Construction Permits (361)485-3320, (361) 485-3326 (Fax); Building Inspections & Inspectors(361)485-3320, (361)572-6757 (fax), Building Inspections 24 HR Request Line (361) 485-3333; Suite 201: Victoria City GIS(361)485-3360, (361)572-6697 (Fax); Victoria Planning (361)572-2795
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