La Fogata
13861 US Hwy 77 North
Victoria, Texas
Monday-Saturday 11am-10pm; Sunday 11am-4pm

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Customer Comments
Posted on: 10-16-2012
Food was bland and cold.we went in August and it was hot in there. They had advertise that they had special dishes not found at other Mexican resturants but it was same dishes served every where but with no flavor.
Posted on: 04-05-2014
If you are looking for an AMAZING steak, look no further than La Fogata. I like mine medium well. Other place's steaks are dry by the time I finish, but not at La Fogata. Juicy 'til the last bite. I don't even go anywhere else any more for a steak. The whole family wants to go there every time they are in town. Great Mexican food too. ONLY downside ... poor choice of salad dressings. And if you get the ribeye, you won't regret it.

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