La Hacienda Mexican Cafe
7702 N Navarro St
Victoria, Texas 77904

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Customer Comments
Posted on: 08-01-2008
Food is good, service is fast but the place needs to be cleaned and remodeled. Floor is sticky, the singer is okay but needs some pep.
Posted on: 09-08-2008
great food, but not very clean.
Posted on: 09-18-2009
Ok food. Restaurant dirty
Posted on: 12-19-2009
Heres a better description of La Hacienda. The food is amazing! the best mexican food ive had since moving here. Big portions for a reasonable price. Their burritos are huge for barely ten bucks, the Pollo Fronterizo is outstanding and another big portion, it has everything you would wont in a meal crawfish, scallups, lobster, all folded in a full chicken breast and smothered in this amazing creamy wine sauce. The Fish Cancun is about the same except instead of chicken its tilapia. The service is good fast it all depends on the night and server (like any other restaurant) the only consistant problem ive ever had is with getting ym drink order right. Ive messed up in every way possible on my strawberry margarita-not to say they arent great margaritas cause they are. they would either forget the strawberry, on the rocks instead of frozen, salt instead of sugar or niether. Their food makes up for that and their take out is jus as good as dining in. All in all compared to the other mexican places to eat La Hacienda is by far without a doubt the best place in Victoria!
Posted on: 12-18-2011
There are tons of choices for good Mexican themed food in Victoria, but for my wife and me La Hacienda is the best. I agree with the previous reviewer on the Pollo Fonterizo. Huge portion and very tasty. The rich, creamy wine sauce makes the dish stand out, and it makes a great lunch the next day. Maybe a little pricey at $15 bucks, but for a special treat it's worth it. The huge steak and enchilada plate is also a winner, served sizzling on a flat iron skillet (order your steak one step less done than normal because it continues to cook). There are sliced onions below the steak that cook down with the juices of the steak to make a wonderful pungent and savory sauce. Bring your big boy appetite for this dish. My wife loves the Capachana, which is seafood served chilled in a sweet tomato based " seafood sauce" like you would put on fried oysters or shrimp. Refreshing and tasty. The flaming margarita is definitely worth a try. It is served actually on fire, with Bacardi 151 burning inside a hollowed out 1/2 lime. Drink two of these and the world looks good!!

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