Tokyo Grill & Sushi Lounge
5006 N Navarro St
Victoria, Texas 77904
Fax: (361)570-7229
OPEN: Mon-Thurs 11 am to 2:30 pm & 4:30 pm to 10 pm, Fri-Sat 11 am to 11 pm, Sunday 11 am to 10 pm
Tokyo Grill has a clean, inviting atmosphere and authentic Japanese sushi chefs. So far, customers are raving over the sushi, especially the sushi samplers. The Hibachi grill is very entertaining and tasty. It generally includes soup, salad, rice, a variety of cooked dishes, and humor. The regular dining area and menu offers a variety of Bento Boxes, Sushi & Sashimi, Cut & Hand Rolls, Special Rolls, Teriyaki & Tempura Dishes, and a variety of sampler Sushi & Sashimi Plates and Boats. Monday through Thursday you can get a Large Hot Sake (Japanese Rice Wine) for $2.50, a Large Domestic Draft Beer for $2, and a Sushi Roll Combination for $9.95. This combination includes tuna roll, salmon roll, California roll, spicy salmon roll, eel roll, crab meat roll, spicy tuna roll, crunchy roll and cucumber roll. Tokyo Grill caters for parties and happily fills special requests. They also have a VIP Room with 60 plus seats, which is available for special events. The room comes with a 50" big screen TV with karaoke and computer connections and they can create a special menu for your needs.
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Customer Comments
Posted on: 07-08-2008
Good food & great sushi

They need to improve the service, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt because they just opened
Posted on: 07-21-2008
The food was very good and cooked to order in a showmanship & entertaining way. The waiter was polite although spoke very little English. I would definitely go back. It was a pleasant experience.
Posted on: 08-11-2008
A great place. I've gone there three times already. The food and the cooks are very good. We are gald that we have this in Victoria.
Posted on: 08-13-2008
Great food, large portions, service was very good.
Posted on: 10-01-2008
Another trip... Another TERRIFIC experience.
Posted on: 01-24-2009
For a Japanese sushi restaurant in a town the size of Victoria, it was pretty good. The sushi was tasty, but not the best. The atmosphere was not authentic Japanese, but very family friendly.
Posted on: 03-16-2009
I like all their food, but I especially like the lobster roll.
Posted on: 09-05-2009
Poor service, awful sushi, real sushi is much better. Not worth my time nor money. However, for the size of the town and with not many people traveling it will survive.
Posted on: 10-03-2009
I like this place. All the food is really good and the presentation is wonderful. I only wish that the wait staff understood English and the customers better.
Posted on: 11-08-2009
Poor service, awful sushi, not good at all.
Posted on: 09-18-2010
Horrible service ! Don't waste your money ! The cook burned all of our food . It was black and smelled horrible and they even demanded we pay or they would call the cops !!!!
Posted on: 01-18-2011
This is a hibachi place on Navarro and Country Club.Decor and atmosphere is classic Japanese Hibachi style but ruined by the two rubbermaid pushcarts overflowing with dirty dishes near two large greasy windows in the main dining area.Service was very slow. Waitress did not mention they were out of ice cream when I ordered the premier menu item that was supposed to include ice cream. Waitress/manager claimed they could do nothing to make it right. Would not even offer the tempura ice cream at a discount.Dirty plates accumulated at our table leaving little room to move around. We finally had to beg for dessert and bus our own table 15 minutes after the meal was over.Waitress botched the check by adding the table next to ours to the order. She had to call over a very unapalogetic manager who had to go through 3 more check iterations (25 minutes) before getting it right. Manager kept saying "she is new and messed up" - never apologized just kept laying on excuses.I am not so upset about the errors, I am upset that management did not apologize or make an effort to make things right. A $4 credit to my bill for the missing ice cream would have been a minimum I would expect from a fast food restaraunt - nevermind a place I dropped 45 bucks a person for their premiere menu item.Food was artfully presented by a passable hibachi chef. Unfortunately the experience was tempered by poor management and wait staff.
Posted on: 05-22-2011
Hibachi is awesome. I wouldn't bother paying extra for the Kobe beef because the Fillet Mignon was phenomenal. Don't get me wrong the Kobe is good but for $11 less you can have better.
I've never had a complaint after eating their Sushi. Black Pepper Tuna Roll is best for me and I really enjoy the House roll. For two people, these two rolls together is more than enough.

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