Flora of Glencoe by Ann Rachid


Flora of Glencoe is Ann Rachid?s first Historical Romance book which takes readers back to 1692 Scotland to the American Colonies. Scotland and England shared one king, King William of Orange, the champion in the Protestants? struggle against France for a balance of power. During this time of political and religious upheaval, a saga of one family begins with the cruel massacre of Glencoe, which is William?s cruel message to the Jacobites whom would restore William?s uncle, James VII of Scotland & II of England, to the throne. FLORA CAMERON: This fiery Highlander was betrayed by her lover and transported to the colonies for sedition. Being a victim of politics and love, she was forced into slavery as an indentured servant. Bought by a dandy who fancied himself her bedmate, Flora determines to escape. Never could Flora forget her vendetta against King William of Orange, Dalrymple, and the Campbell clan ~ for the massacre at Glencoe haunted her dreams and made her blind to love. LORD HANSON: This dandified rogue obsessed over the wild Highland beauty, Flora Cameron. He purchased Flora and then cruelly turned his back on her. In a fit of passion, the fragile trust of friendship is broken, and Flora flees the jealous lord. Lord Hanson would search the West Indies and all of Scotland to find her, duel the swiftest swords of Scotland, and match wits with dukes and earls to reclaim her. CAPTAIN JAMES CAMPBELL: This unlikely friend of Flora Cameron becomes Lord Hanson?s rival and deadliest foe with a sword. ALEX MAC DOUGALL: This rebel Jacobite, caught in a struggle of poverty and clan, was a man of foresight and cynical wisdom. He would become Lord Hanson?s sole friend on Scotch soil and only hope to find Flora Cameron. Available for Kindle on Amazon for $2.99. Look for her other children books and romance books on Amazon. Click on the link.

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