Cactus Canyon
3613 N Navarro St
Victoria, Texas
(Dance Hall)
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Posted on: 09-22-2008
I go here every single weekend, every Friday and Saturday and sometimes Wednesday too. The only reason I didn't give a 5 star rating was because of some VERY inconsiderate treatment I got the other day when I went. These people know me, I go all the time. I drove out of my way the other day to get my arm band before 7pm because then, it's free to get in. Usually there's a cover charge if you come after a certain time. So I got my armband and left. The girl at the door told me not to wear my glasses on my head when I came back from the car. I said, oh don't worry - I am coming back a little later. She lets me leave and says nothing. Then I come in later when my friend and she says (very rudely) you still have to pay. You can't just come get your armband and leave. I said, Well you didn't tell me anything and I don't see that written anymore. She just stares at me like I'm stupid. I shrugged it off since I had my friends with me, paid the $4.00 and went inside. I didn't spend a single other dime that night and will never spend another dime there again. The ONLY reason I even go now is because my friend loves the place and there's nowhere else in town he really likes. Well, we are gonna start driving to corpus on the weekends. I hear there are some great clubs there that aren't so greedy. Other than that, Cactus does have some good music, although as far as "variety" goes it's pretty poor. They play the same music every single night. Their bartenders, with the exception of Shadow, never smile or speak politely to you, even if you say please, thank you, and smile constantly at them. They are just there for a paycheck. The girls that walk around selling shots are very sweet though and I like dealing with them a lot more.

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